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An indicative scope of proposed consulting in the area of Server Management would include the

(a) Operating System Management: Best practices in the management of Windows NT
4.0/2000/2003 and UNIX/LINUX/SOLARIS operating systems. If you still have some systems on
Windows NT 4.0 (no longer supported by Microsoft), then we will help you to create a detailed
migration strategy with step by step implementation plan to achieve Windows 2003 based Active
Directory infrastructure.

(b) Security Patch Management: There is a very large informal industry of Exploiters and Hackers
who design and release exploits of various software and applications almost on a daily basis. To
protect the systems from attacks, the OEMs release security patches on a regular basis. We will help
you to implement a centralised Patch Management System for all your Servers.

(c) Service Packs Management: In addition to patches, service packs may be required for Bug Fixing.
ETCO India would support in ensuring a Practice whereby all the servers remain up-to-date on
Service Packs.

(d) TCP and UDP Ports Management: Port Scanning Reports indicate a number of open ports (TCP
as well as UDP) on the Servers. Open ports can be a back door entry for Trojan Codes in the systems.
This vulnerability grows with the size of the network and should be controlled at the right time.
Open Ports are required for Network Services and Applications to work. A good Network or
Application administrator knows the list of ports that are in use within his administrative domain.
ETCO India will help you to implement best practices in Port Management such that only required
ports are opened on the Servers.

(e) Antivirus Management: Antivirus system is one of the most critical components to ensure high
availability of the Servers and workstations. ETCO India will help in defining and implementation
of best practices in anti-virus management preferably on a two or three tier framework.

(f) Administrative Account Management: Administrative accounts possess critical privileges on the
Servers for their smooth operations. ETCO India will help in implementing best practices in
administrative account management.

(g) Users and Groups Management: Management of Users and Groups is very critical to ensure the
right people get the right privileges on the Servers. ETCO India will help you in implementing a
sound management framework on Users and Groups Management on Active Directory, Databases or
other network services.

(h) Password Management: ETCO India shall help your organization to establish Password Policy
and best practices in management of system and User passwords. Wherever applicable, the
password policy would be enforced by the system. In addition to Password Management practices,
ETCO India will support your organization to implement strong authentication techniques for the
critical Servers.

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