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ETCO INDIA offers Management Consultancy Services of Global Best Practices in Quality Management Services.
ETCO India has certified ISO 9001:2008 professionals in the group with a vast experience of implementing and
managing these practices in the past assignments. Our QMS Management consultants have served Large Indian
and Multinational organizations in Quality Leadership positions in their past assignments. As an outcome of the
vast Knowledge and Experience of ETCO INDIA Quality Management Professionals, the organization hereby
offers world class consulting services in Deployment and Management of the following:

The Principles of Quality Management:

(a) Customer focus
(b) Leadership
(c) Involvement of people
(d) Process approach
(e) System approach to management
(f) Continual Improvement
(g) Factual approach to decision making
(h) Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements

Process approach
Relationship with ISO 9004
Compatibility with other mgmt systems
Normative reference ISO 9000:2008
Terms and definitions
Quality Policy:
Quality Control
Quality Assurance
Quality Management System

IT and ISMS Consultancy and Third Party Auditing: Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery and Business
Continuity, Information Security, IT Service Management Framework