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The scope of proposed consulting in the area of Power Systems and Environment
Management would include the following:

(a) Design, Capacity Planning, Deployment and Management of Power Systems for Data
Center, Network center and Desktops/Laptops.

(b) Selection and connectivity of UPS Systems

(c) Power distribution for all IT components

(d) Planning and implementation of N+1 Resilience of Power

(e) Automatic Fail-over if one power source fails

(f) Best Practices in Design and Management and Maintenance of UPS and Battery Banks

(g) Best Practices in Design and management of Circuit Breakers, Earthing Pits,
Distribution Panels, etc

(h) Air-conditioning of Data Centers, and Network Centers

(i) Humidity Control of data Centers and Network Centers

(j) Airflow pattern among network and server racks

(k) Fire detection and suppression system

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