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The scope of proposed consulting in the area of Network Management would include the following:

(a) Network Share Management: Network shares are shared drives and shared peripherals provided to users with adequate access
control via centralised/distributed Servers. We propose implementation of best practices such that provision of privileges on shares
should be strictly role based, approved by a designated authority and reviewed regularly.

(b) Local Area Network Management: We offer our services to establish, implement global best practices and manage LAN components
like Active Directory Controller (ADC), Domain Name Server (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server, Windows
Internet Name Services (WINS), Virtual LANs on switches, Inter-VLAN trunking, Software based LAN monitoring, etc.

(c) Virtual Private Networking Management: We offer our services to establish Secured Socket Layer Network (Public Key Infrastructure),
IP-VPN network, implement best practices and manage the same at all your locations.

(d) Wide Area Network Management: We offer our services to establish Wide Area Networking components like Routers, Multiplexers,
Link Modems/converters, Internet Connectivity, MPLS or Leased circuits, etc and implement global best practices for their management
and also manage them by providing on-site resources.

(e) Network Encryption Management: For secured connectivity among HO, Branch Offices via Internet or enabling of transactions on
Internet, the organization would need an in-depth encryption policy and an in-house network encryption infrastructure (SSL, PGP and
PKI). ETCO India offers to deploy, implement best practices and manage the Network Encryption Framework.

(f) Network Vulnerability Management: There is a growing informal industry of Professional Hackers who use open source hacking tools
to develop their own exploits of all the unsupported software and their platforms. The possibility of an exploit to be successful on a
network can be detected using vulnerability analysis and penetration testing methods. ETCO India offers to implement such best

(g) Network Routing and Resilience/Automatic Recovery Management: Utilising all existing links to optimise network routing such that
congestions can be avoided, bandwidth can be optimally utilised and alternate paths can be established for all business locations in case
of outage in the primary links.

(h)Management of Service Providers: Management of Network Service providers is one of the toughest tasks in this frameworks given
that all service providers are large companies in India and service thousands of customers. The key to success is to get the best out of
every service provider at minimal possible cost and also manage the framework of multiple service providers for mutual resilience. ETCO
INDIA offers to help you in managing service providers effectively such that the best possible services for your business can be assured.

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