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Businesses in today's competitive world are very complex and are immensely dependent upon Information, their
processing, storage and security systems.

The challenges of managing Information Risks & their mitigation, Information Security, Incidents, Root Causes,
Organizational Changes, System Knowledge, System Availability, System Capacity Burn Rate, Service Levels, Disaster
Recovery Readiness, Business Contingency and all supporting Processes are getting more stringent day by day.

A serious malicious action can lead to serious Financial, Customer and Reputational impacts. Most of the
organizations have their own Damage Control Strategies such that they are able to contain the damage to some extent.
While this is important from reactive perspective, it is critical in today's world to have Proactive Control strategies.

The management shall own a framework that can help in reducing the potential threats and probability of impacts that
is possible given the available resources and the restrictions around them.

The key to success in managing such challenges is to know ALL the information assets of the organization, their value,
the current threats, the probability of exposure, the impact, the risk and the mitigation strategy around them.

If planned and implemented carefully, the management of an organization can have a centralized control on an end to
end framework that can ensure a clear visibility into the articulated challenges. Thanks to the world class standards
and processes that can ensure such a framework if implemented in its entirety.
A single lose end has enough potential to cause a significant damage. It is like one of the weak gates of a strong fort.
Hence, it is important to implement the entire process framework and resulting controls without missing on even one
of them.

It has been our experience that most of the lose ends remain because of inadvertent ignorance rather than lack of funds.

Investment on the best in class security systems of the world may not be enough unless the processes and controls
around them are adequately implemented.

ETCO India is a team of skilled and certified professionals with a vast knowledge & experience in implementation &
practice of ISO/IEC 17799, BS 7799 - 2:2002, BS ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and ITIL frameworks in our past assignments. We
offer you end to end Implementation Consulting of the framework that includes study of existing controls, gap
analysis, documentation & publishing of processes, communication, training, work shops and finally work out the
most appropriate methodology to ensure a cultural acceptance of the entire framework in the organization. Such a
framework is not dependent upon the size of an organization or their area of business. An organization of any size and
any business can implement this framework. Once the framework is implemented we can help the organization to
approach a Certification Body such that they shall assess the implementation for BS ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and BS
ISO/IEC 20000 Certification.

We have a backend repository of tailorable process and workflow templates that can be customized as per Customer
needs. In order to get a detailed understanding of our approach of implementation at every step of the entire
framework, we offer you to browse our site. You may please contact us at the published numbers or may write to us at

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Continuity, Information Security, IT Service Management Framework