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The scope of proposed consulting in the area of Firewall and De-Militarised Zone
(DMZ) would include the following:

(a) Firewall Deployment and management: Firewall is a device between Untrusted
Public Network (Internet) and the internal network which monitors the traffic coming in
and takes decisions on Permit/Deny based on a set of rules defined on them.

(b) DMZ Deployment and Management: De-Militarised Zone (DMZ) is a term formed
by US Defence applicable to critical Military installations where sophisticated weapons
are managed, tested and stored. This term is now widely used in the IT industry to
create and manage a Zone which comprises of:

A Stateful Inspection Firewall

A Peripheral Antivirus to detect virus signatures in a running traffic (an additional
security over and above virus scanning in Files)

An Intrusion Detection System A system that detects Hacking attacks against known

An Intrusion Prevention System A system that resets all the sessions from outside
world which are confirmed by the Intrusion Detection System as Hacking Attacks

An Anti-Spam System A system that detects and blocks Spam and Phishing attacks
from Internet

An Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware System - A system that can detect malicious software
in the servers installed in the DMZ and take corrective and preventive actions

An Internet Firewall - A system that is used to control Internet Access of employees

Cloud Firewall for VPC to VPC connectivity

Cloud Firewall for Client-to-VPC connectivity

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