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The scope of proposed consulting in the area of E-Mail and Internet Management would include the following:

(a) Design and Deployment of Enterprise E-Mail Infrastructure comprising of:

Front-End Server
Back-End Server
Web-Mail Server
Blackberry Server

(b) Management of all the E-Mail Servers
(c) Deployment and Management of E-Mail Clustering
(d) Management of all the MX records for the organization
(e) Deployment and Management of Failover system for E-Mail routing
(f) Management of all user mailboxes
(g) Management of Internet name aliases
(h) Management of Public and Private Folders
(i) Management of PSTs and OSTs
(j) Management of mail distribution lists
(k) Management of SMTP gateway(s)
(l) Management of E-Mail Security
(m) Management of Spam Filters
(n) Management of Internet Proxy Servers
(o) URL, attachment and keyword Filtering on Internet Proxy Servers

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