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The scope of proposed consulting in the area of E-Mail and Internet Management would
include the following:

(a) Design and Deployment of Enterprise E-Mail Infrastructure comprising of:

Front-End Server
Back-End Server
Web-Mail Server
Blackberry Server

(b) Management of all the E-Mail Servers

(c) Deployment and Management of E-Mail Clustering

(d) Management of all the MX records for the organization

(e) Deployment and Management of Failover system for E-Mail routing

(f) Management of all user mailboxes

(g) Management of Internet name aliases

(h) Management of Public and Private Folders

(i) Management of PSTs and OSTs / Management of Lotus Notes Mail Data Files (NSF Files)

(j) Management of mail distribution lists

(k) Management of SMTP gateway(s)

(l) Management of E-Mail Security

(m) Management of Spam Filters

(n) Management of Internet Proxy Servers

(o) URL, attachment and keyword Filtering on Internet Proxy Servers

(p) Management of Cloud-based E-Mail systems

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