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The scope of proposed consulting in the area of desktop and Laptop Management would include the

(a) A consistent desktop/laptop image for a specific functional area of the organization.

(b) Delivery of Software to desktop/laptops from a Central Server.

(c) Software License Rollout and Usage Control.

(d) Hardware and Software inventory management pertaining to desktops and laptops.

(e) Antivirus updates rollout on Desktops and Laptops.

(f) Operating System controls on desktops

(g) Rollout of Security patches and hot-fixes to desktops and laptops

(h) Vulnerability management pertaining to desktops and laptops

(i) Support methodology pertaining to desktops and laptops as per an Enterprise-Wide Service Desk System.

(j) Obsolescence planning, Purchasing and Vendor Management framework for the desktops and laptops

(k) Virtual Private Desktops management on cloud computing

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