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The scope of proposed consulting in the area of Data Storage, Backup and Recovery Management would
include the following:

(a) Design and implementation of Storage Area Networks and Network Attached Storage

(b) Storage Management best practices for Infrastructure Components, Databases, Applications and Users

(c) Capacity Planning and Upgradation path of Storage systems

(d) Availability management of Storage systems (Resilience, Speed of Access and Uptime)

(e) Information Security and Access Control of data in the storage systems

(f) Management of Backup Application Software..

(g) Management of Backup Server

(h) Management of Recovery testing and actual data recovery

(i) Management of Backup Jobs, Backup Schedules, Backup Tree, Backup cycles and Catalog information.

(j) Management, labelling and storage of backup media (like LTOs)

(k) Management of Autoloader

(l) Management of Virtual Storage Blocks on Cloud Computing

(m) Management of Virtual Private Drives on Cloud Computing (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

(n) Management of Cloud-based Backup and Recovery systems

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