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Data Center Design, Deployment and Management

There are four objectives in the design of any high performance data center: Security,
Availability, Scalability, and Manageability.

ETCO India offers consulting services on design, deployment and management of Data
Center. A Partial Sscope of proposed consulting in the area of Data Center Management
would include the following:

(a) Environment management of the Data Center in terms of Air-conditioning and
Humidity Control.

(b) Physical Access Control that includes: access log-sheets, activity sheets, security
controls, intrusion prevention, explosion proofing, alarms and CCTV surveillance

(c) Fire detection and suppression practices.

(d) Raised Flooring, Equipment placement, Racks placement and Cabling Management.

(e) Nomenclature, Labelling, Iconing and Numbering of Servers, Switches, Routers,
Firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems, Patch Panels, Patch Cords, Cascade
Mounting Cables, WAN Links, I/O Panels, Power Cables and Power Panels as per
Global best practices.

(f) Monitoring, recording and Activity Logging.

(g) Power Supply management to all equipment Racks as per Global best practices.

(h) Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) on Cloud Computing

(i) Virtual Private Servers in VPCs on Cloud Computing

(j) Virtual Private Desktops in VPCs on Cloud Computing

(k) Virtual Private Intercloud Networking for VPC-to-VPC connectivity

The above scope is indicative only and can be enhanced or modified based on
requirements of Customer.

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