ETCO INDIA offers Management Consultancy Services as per Global Best Practices pertaining to
Business Application Systems and Services. ETCO India has experienced professionals in the
group with a vast experience of implementing and managing Business Application Services in
the past assignments. Our BASM Management consultants have served Large Indian and
Multinational organizations in Application Production Services domain in their past
assignments. As an outcome of the vast Knowledge and Experience of ETCO INDIA BASM
Management Professionals, the organization hereby offers world class consulting services in
Deployment and Management of the following
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Evaluation, Mapping and Implementation of Global Best Practices for the running Business Applications:

If the Application Production Services System for a running Business Application is not as per Global Best Practices, there is a
high risk of Operational in-efficiency and Data In-Security within the system. Such poorly managed application systems put the
Business at Risk. ETCO India offers thorough auditing of the existing Application Production Services, mapping with Global
Best Standards and Practices implement the essential enhancements to bridge the gaps. The final outcome of the entire project
would be a transformed, Business Friendly Application System that shall ensure Optimum Operational Efficiency and
Information Security.

If an organization has a requirement of Deployment of new Business Applications/Re-Engineering or change of existing
Business Applications, ETCO can take end-to-end accountability of the project and offer the following services in this

(a) Study of Business Model of the Customer
(b) Creating Business Application Specifications as per the Business needs and Global Best Practices: As an outcome of the
above step ETCO India shall deliver a "Business Requirement Specifications (BRS) Document" in a format that can be easily
mapped with the Application packages available globally to serve the Business Domain of the organization. Post approval of
the BRS document by the Customer, ETCO India shall create a detailed "Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) document"
post study of all the Globally available application packages serving the Business Domain of the Organization.
(c) Evaluation and selection of the Most Appropriate Application Package: After completion of the above step, every
application package pertaining to the Business Domain will then be qualified against a "Fitment Criteria" mapped with the SRS
document. This will run into detailed "Application Package Analysis Documents" which will finally lead to a shortlist of most
preferred application packages. These Application packages will then be run through a series of evaluations, demonstrations,
reference checking, market analysis, etc against a set criteria as per Global Best Practices. The final outcome would be selection
of the Most Appropriate Application Package to serve as the Business Application System of the Organization.
(d) Evaluation and documentation of the New Development/Customization Requirements
(e) Formation of the most appropriate underlying IT Systems and Networking Design
(f) Formation of a Roll-Out Strategy, Implementation Plan and Training Methodology
(g) The proposed next step is a detailed Roll Out strategy, Implementation Plan and Training methodology of the Business
Application and the underlying IT Systems & Networking. The methodology will be documented and proposed to the
Customer for necessary approvals.
(h) Taking full accountability of the Project - Business Application System as well as underlying IT Systems & Network
(i) ETCO India proposes to undertake end to end accountability of the entire project - Internal Co-Ordination, MIS Reporting,
Vendor Management, Customization/Configurations, Testing, Deployment and Make-Live of the Application Package as well
as the underlying IT systems & Networking.
Running Training Campaigns
(j) Organizational Change Management - targeted to achieve Cultural Acceptance of the Business Application: In certain cases,
cultural acceptance of the application becomes a challenge due to change in the way of working. ETCO India will work out the
most appropriate Change Management methodology that shall lead to a cultural acceptance of the application within the
(k) Post Make Live Support and Maintenance: Finally ETCO India will propose and implement an Application Production
Support System ensuring smooth operation, up-gradations, enhancements, etc of the application as per Global Best Practices.

IT and ISMS Consultancy and Third Party Auditing: Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery and Business
Continuity, Information Security, IT Service Management Framework